The LRBKA provides training for beginner bee keepers and also more advanced courses for members wishing to expand on their knowledge and skills. Members can enrol at our online store.


Each year we run a classroom-based introductory course on basic beekeeping and bee biology on one evening per week over five weeks, usually commencing in March.

A practical hands-on class follows for one evening per week over ten weeks. The practical course is delivered at several locations in the counties of Leicestershire and Rutland. For further details including dates, availability and course fees contact


If have been keeping bees for a while but want to develop more advanced skills such as swarm control and bee breeding then we also offer improver courses. Contact

Taster Days

Each year the Association usually hosts a series of one-off events including a “Taster Day” where members of the public can try beekeeping for a day under the guidance of experienced keepers at one of our apiary sites. Taster Days are usually in late summer and you do not have to be a member to attend. Full protective equipment is provided. For more information on future taster days please contact