Equipment Sales

The Association holds a large quantity of bee-keeping stock in for sale to members only at discount prices. Not only are we cheaper than the major retailers, but profit goes to the LRBKA and members pay none of the eye-watering postage charges levied by online sellers.

Email the apiary manager with your stock or price enquiry and include a telephone number if you wish to ask any questions or discuss other needs.

Advice is always available (for free) and we are open on a Tuesday from 13.30 until 21.30 hours.

Members will be notified by email whenever the apiary is closed (e.g. Christmas).

All pre-used equipment has been cleaned and sterilised before sale and many of the new hive parts are made by volunteers in their own time. If you would like to help with this and have a few hours to spare then please contact the apiary manager to get started.

Some of the items that the Association typically has in stock include:

Items also available when ordered by contacting the treasurer include:

  • Protective suits
  • Gloves
  • Frame nails
  • Hive tools
  • Queen markers
  • Frame runners
  • Castellation fittings

Selling Bees and Kit

Members can buy/sell bees, equipment and nucs for FREE using the Association’s Facebook page and monthly newsletter.  The newsletter is sent to all LRBKA members and the Facebook group is public and can be viewed by anyone with a user account.

Adverts can be “Wanted” or “For Sale”.

If you would like to place an advertisement in the LRBKA monthly newsletter, please contact the editor. They can also put your advert on our Facebook page on your behalf if you are not a Facebook user.

When preparing your advert, please remember to include all the relevant useful and important information such as:

  • Price
  • Your contact information
  • Details about what is for sale/wanted (e.g. hive type, quantity of frames in the nuc, suit size etc.)
  • How many items are for sale/wanted
  • Where you are located
  • Time constraints for collection and/or other considerations

Note that all transactions between individual members are private and the LRBKA bears no responsibility for any direct or indirect consequence of them.