Join Us

Membership of the LRBKA provides many benefits including:

  • Training courses for beginners through intermediate and onwards to more advanced beekeeping techniques.
  • Full third-party and product liability insurance
  • New and second-hand equipment kept in stock at our Brooksby teaching apiary for our members to buy
  • Support from local experts (advisors) when you need assistance or help
  • Hire of honey extractors
  • Jars and other consumables can be purchased in small volumes at cheap prices
  • Monthly winter meetings (October to April) and other social activities
  • Keeps you in touch with beekeeping friends and helps make new ones
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Bee book & videos library

We offer three different types of membership:

All Full and Junior members are provided with third party and product liability insurance in addition to the usual club benefits. Associate members are not provided with insurance, but in all other respects enjoy the same priviledges as all other members.

Associate£28.00 £18.00
Junior£22.50 £12.50

Associate members do not benefit from the clubs public or product liability insurance and is intended for members without bees. Junior Members must be below 18 years of age