Got a swarm?

If you have a swarm please call 07875067025 (between 08.30 to 19.00) if you are unsure if they are honey bees please read the rest of this page and our bee identification chart. Please note that Leicester and Rutland Beekeepers’ Association is not able to provide assistance regarding:
  • Bees nesting in chimneys, cavity walls or masonry
  • Bees living in roof spaces or lofts
  • Wasps
  • Hornets
In such cases you should contact your local pest controller. Our members are also not able to provide assistance regarding:
  • Bees in bird boxes
  • Bees living in the ground, in lawns or under paving/stones
  • Bees living under decking or sheds
  • Bees living under roof tiles
  • Bees living in compost heaps or bins
These bees are invariably bumble bees or other wild bees. They will usually live out their short life before dying off and disappearing in late summer. In the unlikely event that they become a nuisance you should contact your local pest control officer. If you would like to learn more about bumble bees then please visit the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust website.
For more information on wild bees such as miner bees and mason bees, please see the wild bees page. If, after looking at the identification page, you believe that you have a swarm of honeybees, then please call our swarm hot line 07875067025. PLEASE NOTE that a call out fee may be charged for visits to property. We are an association of hobbyist beekeepers who volunteer to offer advice over the telephone for free. Please be considerate regarding when you call. Note that the location of some honeybee swarms may mean that they are not suitable for removal for safety reasons. Would you like to be able to keep bees and handle a swarm for yourself? Then join us to learn how!