Winter Meeting – Simon the Beekeeper


Winter Meeting - Simon the Beekeeper on his journey to beekeeping retail.

From 7.30pm

At Online

Our next online winter meeting will take place at 1930 on Tuesday 2nd March.

This meeting will be held using MS Teams. The link for attending the meeting is given in your members' emailed invitation.

Please do not attempt to join the meeting until the evening of the event. Also, please make sure that you have tried to follow the emailed instructions before phoning for help (see emailed invitation).

It can take a few minutes to to get MS Teams set up, so don't leave it to the last minute to connect. On the evening of the meeting, if you have any technical difficulties, then please call the helpline on your invitation for advice on how to join us. However, please do not phone before 1900 on the date of the event.
If you have any questions for our speakers then please type them into the Q&A section of MS Teams. You don't need to wait until the presentation is finished to submit your question(s). At the end of the presentation, the host will read a selection of the questions to the presenters.