Winter Meeting – Dave Bonner on Honey Bee Democracy


Winter Meeting - Dave Bonner on Honey Bee Democracy

From 7.30pm

At Online

Our next online winter meeting will take place at 1930 on Tuesday 2nd February.

David Bonner will tell us about:

Honey Bee Democracy


David says,

"The talk describes the activities and decisions that take place within a Swarm from the time it has left the hive until it arrives at its new home. The complex process of selecting a suitable site from finding the site, then how the best site is chosen from all those found and then how the swarm is guided to the new site.

The presentation is a combination of slides and video clips.


I am an “enthusiastic hobbyist” and try to run 25 productive colonies.  I am a Master Beekeeper and have been going to Uganda every Year since 2008 and, as a Project manager for Bees Abroad, I have four active projects in rural communities in Northern Uganda.  I am active in the Warwickshire BBKA and was a Seasonal Bee Inspector for ten years."

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