Swarm Prevention & Management


A one day swarm prevention course for early stage beekeepers

From 9:30am for 10:00 until 16:00

At Walton Village Hall Kimcote Road, Walton, Leicestershire LE17 5RR

Does the prospect of your bees swarming fill you with dread? Are you confused by the different types of Queen cell? Do you just take down Queen cells and hope? This one-day course is intended for early-stage beekeepers who would like to better understand what is going on within their hives and learn some practical methods for dealing with swarming preparations. The topics covered will include,

  • Why do colonies swarm?
  • How to attempt to prevent the colony from feeling the need to swarm.
  • How to recognise the signs that swarming preparations are underway.
  • Practical methods for turning off the swarming instinct (fooling the bees into thinking that they have already swarmed).
  • Collecting a swarm.

Fee £23.50 per person Registration to treasurer@lrbka.org sending your name, postcode and the names of anyone else for whom you are paying. More Details