About us

LRBKA is a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), (number 1163520), founded in 1882. Currently our membership is around 300 beekeepers mostly located within the two English counties of Leicestershire and Rutland.

Our Charity Objective is “To preserve the honeybee, by promoting the craft of beekeeping and educating the public of the benefit of bees to the environment.”

The Association has three teaching apiaries at Walton, Markfield and Brooksby (which it has a lecture facility and other resources) and is one of the best equipped associations in the UK offering training and support to all its members.

The LRBKA also has a very public role in helping educate and inform local communities about the importance of honey bees and providing opportunities for them to experience these magical insects up close for themselves. Our bee tent, which tours local summer shows and events, provides an opportunity for members of the public to put on a bee suit for themselves and see inside a hive with an experienced beekeeper. An observation hive (a special glass-sided hive to allow visitors to see inside with complete safety) is also popular and we even have a “virtual hive” that can be used at talks and presentations to regional clubs and societies. If you would like the bee tent, observation hive or a beekeeping speaker to attend your event or meeting then please see the Services page for more details.

At present we are preparing to expand our teaching facilities still further with the development of permanent buildings, environmental improvements and other amenities at our Walton site.