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UK Charity number: 1163520


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National Bee Unit

BBKA - British Beekeepers Association

This is a body representing the various English county beekeeping associations that make up it's membership. BBKA also has a beekeeping education system geared to English qualifications, but these are not linked to academic standards

SBA - Scottish Beekeepers' Association

The member organisation that represents Scottish Beekeepers at National and International Level.

WBKA - Welsh Beekeepers Associations - Cymdeithas Gwenynwyr Cymru.

Keeping Welsh Beekeepers Informed.

FIBKA - The Federation of Irish Beekeeping Associations

Comhnasc Cumann Beachairí na hÉireann

This is the umbrella organisation for the 48 County Beekeeping Associations in the Republic of Ireland. FIBKA also organise the beekeeping education and examination system in Ireland, which is directly linked to academic standards.

UBKA - The Ulster Beekeepers' Association

UBKA is the organisation to which the nine Beekeeping Associations in Northern Ireland are affiliated.

CONBA-UK - Council of National Beekeeping Associations in the United Kingdom

Incorporating the Beekeeping Organisations of the following Countries:

England, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Scotland, Ulster and Wales

Dave Cushman's Website

Several thousand pages of beekeeping and bee breeding information.

National Honey Show

Honey and beeswax showing as well as lectures, trade stands and educational stands.

Bees for Development

The philosophy of Bees for Development is to assist people living in poor and remote areas of the world, and to raise awareness about the value of beekeeping for poverty alleviation.

Bees Abroad

Bees Abroad is a UK charity dedicated to the alleviation of poverty in developing countries through the advancement of the craft of beekeeping. Bees Abroad runs, funds and monitors beekeeping projects that it agrees to support.

Beginning Beekeeping with Graham Law

GBBG - Galtee Bee Breeding Group

Set up and largely organised by Micheál Mac Giolla Coda, much of the work by this group is done at Glengarra Wood

SICAMM - International Society for the Conservation of the Dark European Honeybee

Societas Internationalis pro Conservatione Apis melliferae melliferae.

NDB - National Diploma in Beekeeping

The Examination Board for the National Diploma in Beekeeping was set up in 1954, to meet a perceived need for a beekeeping qualification, above the level of the Certificates awarded by the Beekeeping Associations.

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